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  • Close proximity to the timber rich foothills and Sacramento Valley orchards means wood is easy to get for a bargain. Butte County has at least 39,000 acres of almond orchards, another 35,000 acres of walnuts and smaller quantities of peaches, olives and plums. Glenn County is also orchard rich. What has Bush done for us? Quite a bit, according to the Log Cabin Republicans.

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  • During the 2000 primaries, this gay group endorsed John McCain (no doubt influenced by the role Bush played in barring them from the Texas GOP convention). But that was then and this is now. Sarah, your frustration shines through in your letter. But, these enforcement officers avoid confrontation by picking easy targets who look as if they have the ability to pay and moreover would only retaliate verbally. I’ve seen these enforcement people issue a ticket to a well to do looking couple for unknowingly dropping a shop receipt and in the same vicinity ignore several chavs throwing, and missing, empty drink cans toward a bin.

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